Camelot Grading Scale

100%-90% = A

89%-80% = B

79%-70% = C

69%-60% = D

59% or below 

Any student who scores a 69% or lower may redo their paper for a better grade.  1/2 point  credit will be given for each problem they get correct after corrections.  Any papers that the students redo will need to be turned in by the following day to be given the credit and better grade.  

 Homework/Classwork:  I believe that homework is necessary for practicing skills that have been learned or for enriching the classroom experience.  In many cases, homework is simply classwork that was not finished.  I try to give ample time in class for the completion of assignments, but some students work more slowly or carefully than others and must finish at home.  The students will be required to have school work done on time.  Any work not handed in by 8:15 the following day the students will be given a late assignment on Choice for Champions.  


School Supplies

2 boxes of 12 No. 2 pencils  Box of 12 colored pencils  2 large boxes of facial tissues
Scissors Zipped school bag White school glue
Soft erasers Headphones Box of 24 crayons
4 wide-lined spiral bound notebooks Box of 8 classic markers 2 red pens
Wide-lined loose leaf notebook paper 4 2-pocket folders (red, blue, green, yellow) 2  highlighters
Pencil sharpener for colored pencils Set of 4 dry erase markers Roll of transparent tape