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basic operation    geometry    fractions     time/money  decimals


Math basic operations.  Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide

 Mr. Nussbaum Multiplication

Multiplication--Math Stax

IXL math

Spacey Math-(you may have to sign in But it is FREE)
Multiplication properties Multiflyer-(click on multiflyer. )
Multiplication table Space Shuttle Launch
Solving an Equation Math Baseball
Inverse Relationship of + and - Math Mayhem
Properties of Addition A+ Math Games
Multiplication Game-Multiflyer Function Machine--input and output
Multiplication madness--Helps with the one minute time test Your Number is Up-review of all operations
Multiplication word problems-monster crossing Many Multiplication games 
Multiplication tunnel blaster Cyber Challenge
Math Frog--many games in all areas of math Multiplication--Super Stars 
MANY game on this one page to chose from  


Flips, Slides, and Turns Click on Geometry for various lessons
Congruent Triangles Tangrams
Angles-- Guess the Random Angles  Another Tangram Activity
Identify Geometric Shapes Turtle Geometry-Program a turtle to move
Identify Types on Angles What's my Angle
Sorting types of Triangles Interactive Geometry
Angles Lesson--Learn about different angles Shape Explorer--Find area and primeter
Angle Estimator Geometry Center


Math Matching Fractions Who Wants Pizza?
Fraction Shootout Get A Fraction--A Visual Picture
Fresh Baked Fractions Fraction Frenzy
Reducing Fractions--Jeopardy Game Me and My Math
Equivalent Fractions Visual Fractions
Shade in fractions Visual Fractions
Tony's Fraction Pizza Adding Fractions
That Quiz--Fraction Equality Math Splat--Add and subtract fractions


Analog Flashcards


Clock Program

Money Central Station

Teaching Time


Time Teller


Bang on Time



Beat the Clock-Deciamal game Place Value Strategy
Decimal Squares Black Jack Decimal Speedway
Decimal-Concentration Game Decimal Rope Tug
Decimal Darts Railroad Repair
Laser Beams AAA Math Decimals


Fish Tank Create A Graph
Guess the Number Learn Coordinates of a  Number

Algebraic concepts:

Rounding Greater Than>, Less Than<, or Equal =
Less Than< , Greater than> or equal to=  
Reasoning-Alien Function  

Reading  amd Language sites:  


Many of these activities go with our textbook

Type the Contraction Building Prefixes
Homonym Madness Contractions Prefix Catch
Make Predictions Fact and Opinion Constructing Prfixes
Suffix and Base Word Match Match the Contraction Adjectives and Adverbs
Contex Clues Drawing Conclusions Drawing Conclusions 
Main Idea Reading Comprehension Power of Proofreading
Crystal Cave-Prefixes Prefix-Base-Suffix Suffixes with y or ly
Prefixes make new words Rooting out words Suffixes make new words
Folktales-Poems-Fables Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World Breaking Down Compound Words
Snow Builder-compound words Antonyms
Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms
Tooth Tally with Squanky the Tooth Fairy Dino Hunters-Using guide words Multiple Meanings
Word Jungle Fact or Opinion Fact or Opinion #2
Sequencing Events Interactive Poetry Spin and Spell
Feast Of Homophones Comic Creater Read*Write*Think
Enchanted Learning Fun Brain-Many fun and exciting activities  

    Social Studies:  All are about  South Dakota (our main unit of study in 4th Grade)

South Dakota State Website South Dakota Facts
South Dakota For Kids Travel South Dakota
South Dakota Cities Roadside America--South Dakota
Signs and Symbols of South Dakota Four Dams in South Dakota
Atlas on South Dakota Pictures of some South Dakota Places
Facts and Trivia on South Dakota Pioneers
More Facts on South Dakota Continents and Oceans
All about Pioneers Citizenship
Wounded Knee Museum


Types of Rocks in South Dakota Microscopic Close Ups
Butterfly Stages of Development Virtual Owl Pellets Dissection
Butterfly printout  
All About Butterflies  

Fun Sites to Check out:  

Yucky but COOL Site!  
Etch A Scetch