Our logo for Camelot Intermediate School refers to studentsí quest for success through character, achievement, creativity and service. To help guide our students on this quest we have developed a Camelot Letter Program where students can voluntarily take an active role in the community by identifying a need, planning what they can do (in collaboration with important adults in their lives, and perhaps with other students who also want to work on the project), actually putting in a minimum of 5-7 hours outside of their classroom time to accomplish the project, and then writing a short reflection and evaluation of what they did in order to earn each letter.

The letters to be earned and the teacher advisors for each include:

C=Character (citizenship focus) Mrs. Balsiger, Mrs. Anderson

A=Achievement (responsibility focus) Ms. Miles, Mr. Rasmussen

M=Motivation (trustworthiness/honesty focus) Mr. Hauge, Ms. DeKraai

E=Effort (perseverance/self-discipline focus) Ms. Hofer, Ms. Croymans

L=Leadership (respect/fairness focus) Ms. Moran, Mr. Stolt

O=Others (caring focus) Mrs. Newman, Mr. Flint

T=Talents (courage focus) Mrs. Books, Mrs. Parmely

Students will periodically have some time in Guidance Class to learn about possible projects and discuss various community needs, but they are encouraged to plan letter projects at any time on their own. After writing down their plan on the Preparation form available from the school counselor, they will need to get approval from the listed Camelot advisor. They will be given an Action form which requires signatures from their parent/guardian and the adult supervisor with whom they will be working. The supervisor will be asked to verify the log of project hours each time the student makes an entry on what was done and the amount of time it took. When the project has been completed, the student will write the Reflection and Evaluation on the back side before turning the finished project paperwork in to the school counselor.

The earned Camelot Letter awards will be printed before the end of each quarter and the student's classroom teacher and principal will be notified so that recognition and celebration can occur. During the two years at Camelot, as soon as a student earns four Camelot letters the student moves from "Page" to "Squire" status and joins the Student Council. When all seven letters are earned, students attain "Knight" status and will have their names permanently displayed on the cafeteria wall as members of the Camelot Round Table.


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Explanation of Program