Classroom Handbook

Together WE Can Accomplish More!

Welcome to 4th grade and Mr. Stolt’s classroom!  I am so glad that you are here.  The 4th grade is an exciting and GIANT step for your child.  New concepts are introduced and work responsibilities are increased.  Your child needs your support and encouragement for this to be a productive year.  I am very excited to help your child GROW into fine young 4th graders. This year your child will learn and do many exciting things. I encourage you as parents to ask questions about your child’s day and tell them how PROUD you are of them.

Absences:  Regular school attendance is critical to the learning process.  When your child is absent, he or she misses valuable instructional time.  Please call the office or my classroom when your child is absent.  Your Child will be required to make up any work that is during their absence.  They will have the same amount of days they were absent to complete the work.    

         School Phone:  696-4400

              Room Phone:  696-4472



Cooperative Learning:  I believe in cooperative learning in the classroom. What is it?   Cooperative learning is a successful strategy in which small teams, each with students of different levels of ability, use of a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject.   Each member of a team is responsible not only for learning what is taught but also for helping teammates learn, thus creating an atmosphere of achievement.  I have placed the students into cooperative groups.  Research has shown that all students do better when they are allowed to discuss and defend their ideas as they learn.  Working in small groups also helps the students learn valuable social skills they will need to succeed in life.  No students grade will be raised or lowered based on their performance of others in the group.  I want to assure parents that all grades come from individual assignments and tests.                                                                                                                              

“Working together to accomplish shared goals”


Stolt Happenings:  I will keep parents informed each and every week of what is happening in the classroom.  I do this by sending home a weekly newsletter.  In this newsletter you will find topics that we are covering in class throughout the week.  Also, you will find important information and when we will have a test or quiz.  I will be sending home the newsletter home every Monday with the students.  Be on the look out for the Stolt Happenings on Mondays. 

Student Planners:  Each and every day the students will be filling out daily planners.  It is the child’s responsibility to have this completed before they go home each night.  I try to check them before they leave for the day.  If not they mush have all completed by Friday.  The students are to take them home each and every night.  I am asking that the parents look at them each night and sign them only on Friday.  I will be checking them each Monday.  Please help us out and sign them once a week.  This is also a good way to communicate and ask questions about your child’s school day. 

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader program is a reading incentive program. Students read novels from a selected list and then take short computer quizzes to test comprehension. Students earn points based on the difficulty of the book and their performance on the quiz. Incentives are offered to students and classes according to the number of points accumulated. Although students may participate in the AR program at any time in order for the students to participate in an end of the quarter Accelerated Reading party, at the end of each quarter, the students must have at least 10 Accelerated Reading points.  This year we are going to focus on choosing challenging, high-quality books.  Students will be tested at the beginning of the year to find out their approximate reading level. This will allow me to recommend books in a particular reading range for each student. Students will record their books and test results in their AR Logs.  Sometimes students cannot find books that are AR.  If this is the case they may read it and simply take a non AR paper AR test.  After they complete the nonAR paper test we will meet and discuss the book.  I will give them points based on their book selection.   Out of their 10 AR points required each quarter only half can be from non-AR books.



Homework/Classwork:  I believe that homework is necessary for practicing skills that have been learned or for enriching the classroom experience.  In many cases homework is simply classwork that was not finished.  Homework will come home in a blue folder each and every night.  One side of the folder will be labeled LEAVE AT HOME another side will say BRING BACK TO SCHOOL.  Students have from 2:45-3:05 most days to finish work that was given throughout the day.  Any work not finished will be required to be done at home and returned the following day.  Any work not completed the following day by, 8:30, the students will be getting a homework remider slip.  This slip will need to go and be signed by the parents.  The slip will come back the next day along with the homework that needed to be completed.  If the slip or and homework is not signed the students will be given a pink slip.  All these slips will need to be signed by the following day.  No points will be taken off for papers that are one day late.  One point will be taken off each day after the one late day.  .  If the papers are NOT here I consider them not finished.  The students will not be allowed to call home if they forget their work.  Organization is the key to success!  NO student will have the option of not turning in a paper for a zero.  Please help your child if they do not get something.  Try not to give them the answers but work through the work together.   Incomplete Assignment Form and Parent Letter


Parent Portal:  You can view your child’s grades online.  I have a link from my homepage to the parent portal.  If you have not signed up please fill out a form and send it back to the school.  This will need to be completed before viewing any grades on line.   This will give you complete access to view the grades on line.  Call if you have any questions.  Parent Portal


Pen Pals:  In 4th grade we like to have special pen pals for the year.  The pen pals will be responsible for coming into the classroom a couple times of year.  The pen pal can be a grandparent, someone from church, or a person who lives next door.  The children will communicate with the pen pals throughout the year through letters.  This is a great way to keep the skill of letter writing skills and a great way to get to know another adult.  We would like the pen pals be of retirement age if possible if all possible.


Spelling Tests:  I will have a weekly spelling test with two different lists.  I have a challenge list and a regular list.  Students get the challenge list or regular lists based on how well they preformed on the week before and on the pretest on Thursday.  The students will take the test on Thursdays and a new list will go home on Friday.   I have the students write their words in sentences and they are due on Thursday the day of the spelling tests.  In their sentences the students must have their sentences be at least SEVEN words in length and CAN NOT begin with the word I.   I believe the student’s give me a better effort on their sentences and they do a better job with writing their words. 




Behavior Plan:  Choice for Champions

Daily Observation Data

            Information will be kept on a clipboard

                        A = arguing

                        B = blurting (vocal interruptions)

                        FD = not following directions                           

                        NPA = inappropriate non-verbal / physical actions

                        L = inappropriate language

                        HD = harassment / disrespect of others

                        LA/M = late assignments / materials

                        MI = major infractions

            Students will record infractions in their planners which

                     parents will sign each night

            6th check = detention

            7th check = ISS (Principal’s office / partner classroom)

            Major infraction = office referral   

Regular reward opportunities can be earned

Camelot Code of Conduct:       


           Be on time

            Be where you are supposed to be

            Be prepared to work with a good attitude


            Think safety first

            Make good choices

Follow procedures

            Be the best you can be


            Respect yourself

            Respect others

            Respect property

            Respect the rules

     Knights of the Round Table:

Our logo for Camelot Intermediate School refers to students’ quest for success through character, achievement, creativity and service.   To help guide our students on this quest we have developed a Camelot Letter Program where students can voluntarily take an active role in the community by identifying a need, planning what they can do (in collaboration with important adults in their lives, and perhaps with other students who also want to work on the project), actually putting in a minimum of 5-7 hours outside of their classroom time to accomplish the project, and then writing a short reflection and evaluation of what they did in order to earn each letter. 


The letters to be earned and the teacher advisors for each include:


C=Character (citizenship focus)                                    Mrs. Balsiger, Mrs. Anderson

A=Achievement (responsibility focus)                           Mr. Rasmussen

M=Motivation (trustworthiness/honesty focus)           Mr. Hauge, Ms. DeKraai

E=Effort (perseverance/self-discipline focus)             Ms. Hofer, Ms. Croymans

L=Leadership (respect/fairness focus)                         Ms. Moran, Mr. Stolt

O=Others (caring focus)                                                Mrs. Newman, Mr. Flint

T=Talents (courage focus)                                             Mrs. Books, Mrs. Parmely


  Students will periodically have some time in Guidance Class to learn about and discuss needs and work on project plans, but they are encouraged to plan letter projects at any time on their own.  After writing down their plan on the Preparation/ Action form available from their homeroom teacher or the school counselor, they will need to get approval signatures from their parent/guardian, a teacher advisor identified for the letter they plan to earn, and the adult supervisor they will be working under to complete the project.  The supervisor will be asked to verify the log of project hours each time the student makes an entry on what was done and the amount of time it took.  When the project has been completed, the student will turn in the Preparation/Action form to the school counselor and be given a Reflection and Evaluation form to complete.  When that is returned to the school counselor the date and letter earned will be recorded and the student’s classroom teacher and principal will be notified so that recognition and celebration can occur.  After a student earns 4 Camelot letters the student moves from “Page” to “Squire” status and joins the student leadership team for the school.  When all 7 letters are earned (or 4 this year only for 5th graders due to having just one year at Camelot), students earn “Knight” status and will have their names permanently displayed on the cafeteria wall as members of the Camelot Round Table.


 Together WE Accomplish More