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We will use the new Trophies series from Harcourt as our primary text.  The fourth grade Reading curriculum focuses on getting meaning from what you read.  We will also be reading novels and having literature circle groups.  The children will be discussing the books they choose to read.  They will need to have the books read in order to participate in the literature circle groups.  We will also have plenty of time for daily free reading.  This will be a time to read books for Accelerated Reader or just for fun. Each quarter the students are required to have a quarterly goal of 10 Accelerated Reading points.  Half of those points have to be actual Acclerated Reading books and half can be non AR books.  If they choose a non-AR book they will need fill out a special sheet and discuss the book with me in order to get full points.  We will also be reading and discussing the “Time for Kids.

Reading Resources for Harcourt Trophies:  Click on the Theme books to take you to reading activities. 

The Gardner by Sarah Stewart

Vocabulary Words Using Vocabulary Reading Skills Rocket-
Narrative Elements
Test Tutor--Narrative Elements
Vocabulary word match 4 Types of Sentences Understanding Setting,
Plot, and Theme




Fables Activities

sequencing--book 4

Sequencing -Book 4

food images--food writing activitiy

Micro-soft word food template