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   Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterfly ARKive Enchanted Learning-Monarch Butterflies Monarch Butterfly-Journey North
Butterfly pictures Monarch Butterfly National Geographic for kids
Creature Feature Monarch Butterflies National Geographic-Monarch Butterflies Fun Butterfly facts
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Why does the United States have different time zones? Social Studies for Kids Wonderopolis-Time Zones
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Why do leaves change colors in the Fall? Why do leaves change color in the fall? Leaves change color
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                Lou Gehrig


Official Site of Lou Gehrig Lou Gehrig Disease ALS
Wikipedia on Lou Gehrig Lou Gehrig Legacy
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26 Questions about Puffins Puffins in Iceland
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Lewis and Clark Research sites for everyone to use: Mission/LC_Pamphlet/index.htm clark.htm  


Louisiana Purchase:            

  Members of the Expedition: Mission/LC_Pamphlet/index.htm Mission/Facts/uniforms.htm People/NCO's.htm   see pages 6-15  

Forms of Transportation and Supplies Mission/Facts/weapons.htm Mission/Facts/transportation.htm

Plants and Animals of the snake and columbia river.pdf of the columbia river.pdf

Native American Tribes  



   Students are able to describe the influences of notable South Dakotans on the development of our state.

Pioneer Life:  

    Animal Newsletter