Reading Activities for Theme 1  "Lead The Way" 

The Gardener by Sarah Stewart

The Vocabulary Words and definitions

Vocabulary Words

Meet the Author Sarah Stewart

The Gardener on line quiz.  See how much you comprehend about the story. Parts of a friendly letter--

Print off a friendly letter form

Reading Test Tutor

Spelling Game

Grammer:  Types of sentences

More About Gardening

Narrative Elements 

Make Inferences


Donavan's Word Jar  by Mono Lisa DeGross

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Meet the Author--Monalisa DeGross

Summarizing Donavan's Word Jar Building Background to Donavan's Word Jar
Personal Narrative--Figurative Language The Sentence Trail--4 Types of Sentences
Prefixes and Suffixes Prefix and Suffix Game
Sight Word Fun Prereading Character map
Interesting 4th Grade Vocabulary words 1-5 pages Vocabulary PinBall 


My Name is Maria Isabel by Alma Flor Ada

Vocabulary Words 

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Meet the Author--Alma Flor Ada

Reading Test Tutor--Narrative Elements

Reading Skills Rocket

Computer Station

Personal Narrative--Figurative Language

Spelling Games


Subject Speedway

Summarizing the Story--My Name is Maria Isabel

Narrative Elements

Comprehension Test for My Name is Maria Isabel 


Lou Gehrig--The Luckiest Man by David Adler

Meet the Author--David Adler

Build Background--Lou Gehrig The Luckiest Man

Vocabulary words and Definitions

Baseball Reading on the Web

Summarizing Lou Gehrig E--Word Game--Baseball
Internet Workshop--Baseball Official Website of Lou Gehrig
Sentence Ball Internet workshop--What makes a Great Baseball Player
Baseball Time line Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms and Antonyms-game  


Amelia and Eleanor Go For A Ride by Pam Muņoz Ryan

Meet the Author--Pam Munoz Ryan

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Summarizing story

Activities Worksheet--for Story

Spelling Words

Subject Speedway--simple, complete, compound subject

Summarizing--Compare and Contrast Reading Skills--Locate Information
More about Amelia and Eleanor Official site of Amelia Earhart
Locate Information  Locate Information
Venn Diagram  Compare and Contrast Activities
Amelia Earhart Eleanor Roosevelt
Amelia Earhart Eleanor Roosevelt
The Butterfly Pink and Say
The Butterfly Pink and Say

Reading Activities for Theme 2  "Side by Side"

The Baker's Neighbor  by Adele Thane
Meet the Author--Adele Thane

 Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Cause and Effect Test Tutor--Cause and Effect
Writing Detective -Explain a Process Subject/Nouns
Summarizing--The Baker's Neighbor Predicate Whirlwind
Spelling Game Test Tutor--Figurative Language
Quia--Vocabulary Games to Story More about Children and Baking
Internet Workshop Vocabulary Word--Crossword Puzzle
Cause and Effect Cause and Effect Practice
Figurative Language


The Emperor and the Kite  by Jane Yolan
Meet the Author--Jane Yolan

Vocabulary words and Definitions

Build Background to Story Test Tutor--Narrative Elements
Writing Detective --Explaing a Process Sentence Power--compound sentence & simple sentence
Spelling Game Predicate/Verbs
Vocabulary--Crossword Puzzle Spelling Game
Summarizing the story Reading Rocket--Narrative Elements
Vocabulary Words Game Activities More about Kites and Kite Flying
All About Kites Narrative Elements
Narrative Character Graphic Organizer  


Night of the Pufflings by Bruce McMillan
Meet the Author--Bruce McMillian

Authors Website

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Build Background to story Vocabulary Activities
Reading Test Tutor--Summarization Sentence Speedway--dependent and independent clause
Simple and Coumpound Sentences Comprehension sheet
Internet worksheet fun Summarizing the story
Spelling Games Complex Sentences--comma & complex sentences
Vocabulary Words--Games Reading Rocket--Summarizing
Atlantic Puffins-Wikipedia Vocabulary Words --Crossword Puzzle
Pufflings Information and Printout Pufflings Jig Saw Puzzle
 About Pufflins 26 Questions About Puffins
Summarize--Activities K-W-L Chart


The Garden of Happiness  by Barbara Lambase
Meet the Author--Barbara Lambase

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Build Background to story Test Tutor--Cause and Effect
Sentence Fragments--Run on Sentences Cause and Effect
Summarizing the Story Reading Skill Rocket--Cause and Effect
Spelling Games Garden of Happiness --Quiz
Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle More about Gardens--Kinder"GARDEN"
Cause and Effect --story  


How to Babysit an Orangutan by Kathy Darling
Meet the Author--Kathy Darling

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Vocabulary Words--Crossword Puzzle Building Background
Test Tutor--Summarizing Spelling Games
Summararizing Activitiy Writing Detective--Personal Narrative
More About the Rainforest All about Orangutan
Orangutan Fact Sheet Summarize sheet


Reading Activities for Theme 3  "Make Yourself At Home"

Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan
Meet the Author--Patricia MacLachlan

 Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Reading Test Tutor--Draw Conclusions Nouns--common, proper, singular, & plural
Writing Detectives--Persuasive writing Noun Dunk--Game common & proper nouns
Summarizing the Story Sarah, Plain and Tall Activities
Computer Activitiy Reading Skills Rocket--Draw Conclusions
Ideas for Persuasive Writing Vocabulary Quizes Games
Sarah, Plain and Tall --Letter Writing Activity Sarah, Plain and Tall Activities
Sarah, Plain and Tall  Book Activities All about Pioneers


Stealing Home by Mary Stolz
Meet the Author--Mary Stolz

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Vocabulary--Crossword Puzzle Compare and Contrast Slideshow
Possessives Game Possessives--Spelling Singular and Plural Possessives
Test Tutor--Compare and Contrasts Summarizing the story
Compare and Contrast Activity Reading Rocket--Compare and Contrast
Ideas for Persuasive Writing HOT Baseball Books
Compare and Contrast--story Compare and Contrast Reading Activiites
Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram  


The Cricket in Times Square  by George Selden
Meet the Author--George Selden

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Summarizing Activity
Cricket in Times Square Questions Activity Using Vocabulary
Internet Workshop Cricket Data Bank Activity
Reading Skills Rocket--Draw Conclusions Test Tutor--Draw Conclusions
Draw Conclusions--Story Draw Conclusions-Reading Activity


Two Lands, One Heart  by Ted Wood
Meet the Author--Ted Wood

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Reading Test Tutor--Compare and Contrast
Pronoun State Fair--subject and object pronoun More about Pronouns and Homophones
Spelling Games Summarizing Activity 
Pronouns More about Vietnam

Even More from Encarta

Reading Skills Rocket--Compare and Contrasts Venn Diagram Compare and Contrast


Look To The North--A Wolf Pup Diary--by Jean Craighead  George
Meet the Author--Jean Craighead George Vocabulary Slideshow

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Reading Test Tutor--Summarizing
Summarizing & Synonyms Worksheet Summarizing the Story
Pronoun Game Activity More Facts About Wolves

Even More Facts

World Wide Wolves



The Kids Invention Book   by Arlene Erlbach
Meet the Author--Arlene Erlbach Vocabulary Words and Definitions
Reading Skills Rocket--Main Idea and Details Test Tutor--Follow written directions
Invention Convention Inventive Kids

Reading Activities for Theme 4

The Case of Pablo's Nose  by Donald Sobol
Meet the Author--Donald Sobol Vocabulary Words and Definitions
Building Background Reading Skills Rocket--Sequence
Test Tutor--Sequence  

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